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USCIS (formerly INS) continues to expand online InfoPass service.

 by: Victor Motak

Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly Immigration and Naturalization Services, INS) continues to rollout its immigration information by appointment system called InfoPass, with three new USCIS districts added last week. Atlanta, Boston and Houston are the newest additions, making the system now available in almost all major metropolitan areas with large immigrant populations. These areas include Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

Along with the Case Status Online service (allows user to check the status of some pending applications, e.g. green card applications) which was made available earlier this year on the Internet, and the electronic filing of the 12 most popular immigration forms, (accounts for more than 50% of all immigration benefit applications filed each year) InfoPass is the newest effort intended to reduce long lines and speed up the processing backlog of services provided by the USCIS.

InfoPass allows anyone who is living in a serviced USCIS district and seeking immigration benefits to schedule an appointment with immigration officers via the Internet. The simple to use online system allows users to discuss complex immigration issues with USCIS officials, while avoiding the long lines.

The secure Internet site offers service in 12 languages and is organized in a series of prompts, asking the user to enter their name, zip code, address, phone number and a desired appointment date. Once all the information is entered, the system will generate an appointment notice. Appointments are offered in two-week blocks. The notice will provide the address of the USCIS office and any information regarding required identification and/or additional documentation, such as a green card or work permit, to be presented at the appointment.

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Victor Motak

Staff memeber of providing information on paths to legalized status in the United States.

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